3 Steps to Decluttering Your Home

A cluttered space is one fill or cover with disordered things. Having more stuff than we need inside the house can be overwhelming and stressful; even more if you can’t find a designated space for it. A helpful way to minimize this chaos is to organize and purge all unnecessary items, aka Decluttering.


Sure, the idea of getting rid of clutter sounds like a lot of work but think about the benefits! Having a clutter-free home can reduce your stress level and help recover extra space in your house. Regardless of your reason for doing so, here we’ll share 3 simple steps to begin your decluttering project.


Let’s get tidy!  

Checkmark with solid fillStep 1: Organize your time  

Organization is key when it comes to decluttering. You must create a timeline and tackle one room or space at a time. For example, you can set up the goal to complete one room each weekend and prioritize the rooms that need more work (like the living room or garage). It all depends on the size of your house, how many spaces you want to tackle, and how quickly you need things done.


Checkmark with solid fillStep 2: Sorting system  

Experts recommend using the Three-Box Method. This system consists of using three boxes and sorting the items as “Keep”, “Get Rid Of” or “Put in storage”. Make sure to label the boxes to avoid mixed ups. After completing each room, think about how you are going to maintain the room organized and designate a proper space for the items you decide to keep.


Need help deciding what to keep and what to let go? Here are some hints:


Keep – Daily life items. Things that are useful and currently using  

Get Rid Of – Items you will never use again  

Put in storage – Seasonal items. Select a designated storage area for these items


Checkmark with solid fillStep 3: Dispose of the clutter  

Time to decide what to do with the unwanted items—not all of it is trash! Most of the clutter in your “Get Rid Of” box is in perfect conditions. You can find a local charity or secondhand/thrift store and donate the items. Another option is to host a garage sale or sell your items online. You’ll decide what best fits your needs. At the end of the day the goal is to have a clutterfree home.  

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