5 Reasons Why Buying A House In The Winter Is A Great Idea

5 reasons why buying a house in winter is a great idea

Winter is often known as one of the least popular months for the real estate market. This isn’t because housing prices are any higher, but because housing sales tend to drop.

Families are focused on the holidays and not many potential home buyers enjoy the thought of moving furniture in the cold. But the winter season may actually be one of the best times of the year to consider buying a home, and here are five reasons why:

There are fewer bids on houses

Because many home buyers don’t like the idea of moving in winter, they’ll often wait until the spring before they start house hunting again. This can give you a leg up because you won’t have to worry about the market being too hot to compete in.

The real estate market is in the buyer’s favor

Speaking of competition, the real estate market is finally beginning to cool down. With housing prices having maxed out in major cities, the housing market is once again in the buyer’s favor which means better negotiations on your end and little competition.

The Texas weather is in your favor

Sure, moving when it’s cooler outside isn’t that fun. But you know what’s less fun? Moving in the intense summer heat. That said, it may be easier to move into your new home in a light jacket than with sweat pouring down your face.

There’s a lower inventory

A low inventory of houses may sound like a bad thing, but when paired with low competition it can actually be good. With fewer choices to choose from, you won’t feel as overwhelmed. You’ll be able to take your time with each house to choose the one you like the most.

You’ll have a new home to be cozy in

During the spring and summer months, you rarely spend any time in your house because you’re out and about soaking up the sun. The winter season is when your house matters the most.

Where can I find new construction homes in Houston?

In 2017, millennials made up approximately 33% of the home buying population. Whether it’s your first time buying a house or your fifth, newly built homes may be the better option to avoid unexpected fees and maintenance.

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