Creating a Backyard Oasis

The warm days aren’t over just yet, and what better way to take advantage of them than to create a backyard oasis? The goal is to create a space where the entire family can come together by adding comfort and style. Whether you have a small or big outdoor space, we’ve put together some simple ways to create a backyard oasis and enjoy the warm weather!

Add shade

Spending quality time with family outdoors is important, but so is protecting your skin from the sun! You can install a patio umbrella, canopy, or pergola to provide shade. There are many styles and colors to choose from, and it’s an effortless way to start creating the perfect gathering space in your backyard.

Create a conversation or dining area

Another way to make the most out of your patio is to create a seating area. Choose a durable dining set furniture–preferably a design that resembles the inside of your home. The idea is for the space to feel as an extension of your inside living space. You can also opt for a sectional with end tables or ottomans. To add textile and a comfortable touch, find an area rug that compliments your furniture.

Light it up

Lighting is necessary to achieve a great nighttime scenario you and your family will enjoy. There are a variety of options, from string lights, recessed lights, sconces, and even chandeliers. Designers suggest choosing the lighting fixtures based on what you currently have inside of your home. No matter your selection, make sure to consult with a professional before installation.

Add Zen

A backyard can be both comfortable and peaceful. To create a Zen environment, incorporate a water feature to have a soothing sound of nature. You can also bring in the greenery by adding colorful plants to increase the sense of tranquility.

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