Here’s Why Your Home Might Not Be Ready on time

Home is where the heart is—a safe place where you want to build memories and be the best version of yourself. And like any important achievement in our lives, it takes time and patience to finally have the keys of your new home.

According to the National Association of Homebuilders, it takes between 6.5 and 10.5 months to build a house. Building your home is not easy – even more nowadays when the construction market is facing challenges to keep up with demand. Here are three important factors that can delay the construction process:

Weather conditions

Extreme weather situations that could endanger the safety of the crew can hold the build back. The right weather conditions must exist in order to be able to complete process like preparing the ground for the foundation, framing, electrical service and even landscaping. Therefore, home builders will add weather forecasts into the schedule and plan accordingly – prioritizing outside work on days with good weather.

Supply shortages

Builders depend on suppliers to get the necessary materials to build your home. In some cases, there are out-of-stock materials, delivery delays or the wrong supply was delivered by accident, and this can affect the entire process. Usually ordering materials ahead of time can help prevent any setback, but the entire construction industry is still trying to catch up on prior backordered supplies due to pandemic-related delays.

Labor challenges

Construction of homes involves a big number of individuals with different types of expertise such as: framers, drywallers, electricians, etc. Due to high demand in the construction market, builders throughout the nation are having difficulty finding enough workers. Therefore, contractors may be working on multiple projects and sometimes have scheduling conflicts. This is a domino effect as some work depends on other work being completed first.

The homebuilding process requires many steps and delays are to be expected. Although we all wish for every home build to go smoothly, you need to have flexibility on your move-in dates. Rest assured that your home will be finished!

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