Moving Tips and Tricks

Your move-in day is just around the corner, and we know you can’t wait to start fresh in your new space. Although renting a new home is exciting, the process can turn out to be a chaos if you don’t have a game plan.

Preparing your move ahead of time can reduce the chances of feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Having at least an idea on where to start and how to pack can help you be on top of the situation. Here we share simple moving tips and tricks you can follow for a smooth transition into your new home:


  • Make a to-do list. Every task has a better chance of completion if it’s written down in paper. Experts recommend creating a checklist two weeks before your move-in date. This will help you be more organized and never miss a step. You can also download a checklist app on your smart phone to have with you everywhere you go.
  • Take measurements. Get familiar with your new home and measure available spaces before onloading your furniture. This way you have an idea of where to setup your items and make the transition to your new home faster.
  • Change your address and transfer home services. Remember to transfer existent home services to your new address and update the information in your personal accounts. You can also contact USPS to start forwarding your mail one or two weeks before your move-in date.
Woman and kid packing



  • Pack smart. Start packing at least two weeks before your move-out date. A great method to keep everything organized is to label your boxes by each room. Doing so will help you know in which space the items belong and make the unloading process much easier.
  • Declutter. We all want to start fresh in our new place. Packing for a move is the perfect time to purge or donate items you no longer use. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to reduce the number of boxes you are going to move around. Talk about a two for one!
  • Clean after packing and before unloading. There’s no better feeling than a spotless space. Not only your new house will look better, but you will also feel at ease. Don’t forget to leave your old house in good condition for the new occupants.

With these tips, we’re sure you can avoid unnecessary stress during your big move. Best of luck and we can’t wait to see you in a Camden Home!

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