Moving To A New House With Pets

Ready to experience home living with your four-legged friend? Keep reading for tips on how to help them adjust to the new house.

We know how much your pet means to you and how valuable it is to provide the best living conditions. Searching for a new place as a pet owner means not only looking for what best fits your needs but also what will offer the safest environment for them. That’s why one of the many reasons families decide to move to a house is the convenience of having spacious rooms and a backyard where they can run and play. 

Here are our top recommendations to make your pet’s transition to a new house as smooth as possible:

Pet-proof your new house

A new environment will cause your pet to be curious‑which is their instinct. One of the first things you should do is ensure the new space provides a safe environment. Here are some pointers:

  • Close all doors when no one’s home
  • Cover electrical cords
  • Keep small items on a high shelf
  • Ensure indoor plants are non-toxic

Designate a space for them

Making your pet feel at ease and comfortable is important. When it comes to a house, you’ll have more options as to where to set up their perfect spot. You can place their comfy bed or crate in an area with good ventilation and natural light. If your pet is more anxious, then a room without windows will work best. Don’t forget to add blankets and toys to help them feel more secure. 

Keep them busy and entertained

Animals can get stressed and anxious around a new atmosphere. So even if your pet is well trained, is always a good idea to keep them stimulated. This will prevent your pet from letting out undesirable manners, like destroying your new furniture. Try the following ideas:

For Dogs

  • Swap toys from time to time- This will make the toys seem more interesting.
  • Leave a window view accessible- Dogs love to contemplate the outdoors and enjoy the sunlight.
  • Buy a food-dispensing puzzle toy- Puzzle toys will keep your friend occupied for hours.

For Cats

  • Buy a cat tree- Cats love to climb and scratch
  • Create a place to hide- Cats are excellent hunters
  • Provide an outside view- Cats love to people watch

Our communities are pet-friendly and include a wood-fenced backyard. Why wait any longer? We have a wide range of move-in-ready homes. Browse through our communities and find the best floor plan for you and your four-legged friend.

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