Older Homes vs. New Construction: Which Is Right For Me?

You’ve finally decided it’s time to settle down and buy a house. But what kind of house are you thinking of getting?

One of the all-time debates in real estate is whether it’s best to buy old or buy new. For those who love history and character, older homes are often the top choice. And for those who love modern appliances and closet space, new homes are number one.

So how do you know which style is right for you?

Older Model Homes: The Pros And Cons

Older model homes are often considered like a fine wine because they age well. They have years of history and have housed many families before yours. They also have interesting features like crown molding and quirky appliances.

Unfortunately, the vintage aesthetic of older homes may be one of the only benefits. Older homes used to place owners closer to metropolitan areas. But today, new construction homes are located only a short drive away from those same areas.

Older homes do have charm, but they’re also older. That means you may need to perform regular maintenance. You may even need to rewire the electrical depending on the age of the house and what work has been done.

Older houses also have a more closed-off floor plan. This can be great for families who like separate rooms. But for those who prefer open concepts, you can start to feel closed off from the rest of your family.

New Model Homes: The Pros And Cons

Millennials made up approximately 33% of the home-buying population in 2017. This year, they’ll make up an even larger percentage.

Unfortunately, many millennials don’t have the finances available to afford the maintenance and upkeep that comes with older homes. This is where new construction homes take the cake.

With new models homes, there’s no mystery. You know when the house was built, how it was built, and no one else has lived in it before you have. That said, you can feel safe and secure knowing there won’t be any maintenance surprises because of the age of the house.

And although new construction homes may not have the different architectural styles of older homes, you can always manually add those vintage quirks yourself. For instance, furniture from different time periods and using paintings rather than prints can instantly age your home to give you the vintage charm you want.

If you’ve decided it’s time to purchase a home of your own, the new construction homes Dallas has to offer may be right up your alley. To learn more about our model homes and newly built homes in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston, contact the new home builders at Camden Homes today.

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